Promapp’s New Training & Induction Module

Integrating process and training records management

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  • Promapp’s New Training & Induction Module

    Integrating training records management and process     

    Listen to the Training Module webinar recording presented by Ivan Seselj, Promapp CEO to learn more about Promapp's Training & Induction Module and our launch plans.   

    Plus, find out how you can register for the no obligation 60-day Client Free Trial.

    The Promapp Training & Induction Module:

    - Staff inductions: roles based inductions, and tracking 30/60/90 completion

    - Training notifications and tracking against roles

    - Training Dashboard - who’s been trained, who hasn’t

    - Training records and attendance reports

    Integrating training and process management will increase team engagement in processes which we know can be a challenge for many organisations.

    Who manages training and induction at your company?  We think they’ll be really interested in hearing about the Training Module too.  Forward this link to them so they can join a webinar.

    Webinar duration: 48mins

    Have questions? Contact our Customer Success Team.

Presenter: Ivan Seselj

Ivan Photo

Ivan Seselj is the founder and CEO of Promapp Solutions Ltd.

With a finance and internal audit background, and extensive experience in business process improvement roles across a diverse range of organizations and industries, Ivan has helped hundreds of organizations around the world develop and foster a positive improvement culture.

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