Digital transformation requires vision, agility and speed. But legacy content and manual, paper-based processes can slow down organizations like yours that seek to embrace the power of digital technology to attract new customers and gain a competitive edge.  

Join Aragon Research and Nintex on December 7 for a webinar on how Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) can provide you with the key to digital transformation. WCA is a new business application category that will help enterprises fully automate the creation and routing of document-based processes.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear insights from respected research firm Aragon and Nintex, the pioneering leader in WCA.

What Will We Cover?

During this session on this age of digital transformation, Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy and senior business leaders from Nintex will discuss the following:

  • Trends that drive enterprise digital transformation
  • Details about why Workflow and Content Automation is so powerful
  • Strategies for using Workflow and Content Automation to help your organization achieve digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage

Reserve your spot today for our Dec. 7 Aragon Research webinar on how Workflow and Content Automation leads to digital transformation.