Revolutionise your business processes with digital forms and enjoy mobility at your fingertips with Nintex.


Gone are the days where business processes depended solely on traditional paper-based systems. From printing the document, reviewing it, sending the finalised version to clients for a signature, and waiting for the signed document to be returned – all of these made for one long and tedious process. Precious time and resources were wasted during these manual processes.


Today, digital transformation has changed everything about the way we work. It is now possible to replace traditional paper-based systems fully with a digital process. Collecting and reviewing information can be done collaboratively through document generation, and documents can be delivered electronically to clients for digital signing with instant receipt. These processes can also be extended to mobile workers out in the field via customised apps, so they don't have to be restricted to working in the office.


Join Nintex Technical Evangelists, Chris Ellis and KK Gan, for this insightful webinar, where they will showcase how a workflow solution can change every aspect of an organisation's operation. With live demonstrations, see how a workflow solution that includes document generation, forms, and custom mobile apps can deliver value to your organisation by increasing accuracy, employee engagement, and shortening process time.