Build custom mobile apps, automate document generation and get workflow analytics

Watch this webinar presented by Nintex and our Certified Partner, FiveP, to find out how you can get access to the latest innovation from Nintex, with solutions that help you address the needs to easily generate business critical documents, analyse your process portfolio and build powerful mobile apps across the entire Nintex platform.

Nintex has introduced the following services that significantly enhance the value you get from our Workflow and Forms solutions:

  • Nintex Hawkeye workflow analytics allows you to visualise and analyse processes to determine which ones are returning business benefit, understand the size and scale of your workflows, make informed decisions regarding deployment and migration of workflows, analyse data and derive actionable insights about your business processes.
  • Nintex App Studio lets you easily create custom, targeted, and powerful mobile process applications without writing a single line of code
  • Nintex Document Generation intelligently automates the creation of data-driven documents using SharePoint or Office365

Special Offer from FiveP

All customers purchasing more than $30,000 of Nintex solutions will be eligible for the "Workflow Lab" offer from FiveP. This will be a FREE two-day workshop with industry-leading experts from FiveP, where a working prototype solution will be delivered.

Learn more about this special offer from FiveP and take advantage of this unique opportunity to complete your suite of Nintex solutions.

For more information, please contact the FiveP experts: [email protected].