Hyper-competition and digital-first initiatives are forcing organizations to reconsider how they do business. Digital Transformation has emerged to engage customers, improve efficiencies and fend off threats from rivals. It’s driving the need to rethink application design to deliver information intelligently and in context, and to automate tasks across diverse digital devices and touchpoints.

This will be the role of next–gen app development, DevOps, BPM and PaaS technologies. They, too, are transforming Digital Automation Platforms (DAPs) capable of uniform development, integration and runtime functionality that enable intelligent process automation (IPA).

“No-code Digital Automation Platforms provide fast time to value as well as enable intelligent discovery and continuous improvement by extracting insights from process execution. These platforms are easy to use, manageable, and highly scalable. With simple and rapid DevOps essentially built into DAPs like Nintex, IT professionals can solve business pain points faster and empower more people to solve more of their process problems.”
– Sheryl Kingstone, Vice President, 451 Research

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