Help your organization understand how to automate, manage and analyze your business processes, data and content. Download a complimentary copy of the new report, “Workflow and Content Automation: The Smart Way Forward” by Aragon CEO Jim Lundy.

"Enabling a Digital Business means being able to create new digital processes and to generate the content associated with that business transaction easily and rapidly"; said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. "The flexibility and automation offered by WCA means it will be an integral component to taking the enterprise fully digital."

According to Aragon, the emerging Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) category represents the consolidation of traditional workflow and content generation to support the needs of all businesses. WCA integrates workflow capabilities with document generation, then provides actionable insights through rich analytics.

The result? Smart documents and processes that can be quickly analyzed to ensure your best processes are repeated and poorly performing ones are improved.

Key insights from the report include:

  • Digital Transformation: Workflow and content automation technologies are a key part of a content-focused digital business initiative.
  • Digital Business Platforms: WCA is part of a larger trend that Aragon has identified as digital business platforms. These are platforms that automate all aspects of a business with different levels of focus.
  • Empowered Users: As a business application WCA is designed to be used by business people and should require little to no programming. For content-centric applications WCA can be viewed as a “critical component.”
  • Aragon has identified Nintex as the WCA category leader for its easy-to-use digital business platform.


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