Aragon Hot Vendor 2016

Paper contracts are one of the analog processes that keep a business from becoming fully digital. This is where Digital Transaction Management (DTM) comes into play.

Aragon’s select 2016 Hot Vendors in DTM are making a difference. Aragon defines a Hot Vendor as a “new or emerging software vendor who offers a cutting-edge product, service or technology; has made an impact in their respective marketplace; and is known for ‘delighting their customers’.” 1                                   

DTM is the new way forward for enterprises. It provides one of the easiest transformations and has one of the largest impacts in an enterprise. As a result of the growth of this market, more startups are emerging to compete and add value to enterprises. This Aragon Research Note identifies six Hot Vendors in DTM who are making a difference including Nintex as one to watch in advanced DTM. 

Advanced Digital Transaction Management became a component of DTM in 2015. It involves complex document processes, including, but not limited to, document assembly, routing, integration into other applications, and workflow both upstream and downstream from the decision, approval, or signature.

In advanced DTM, some documents, such as mortgages and leases, have asset value in and of themselves, and can subsequently be monetized as assets. Aragon calls this DTM Asset Management, and it requires special processes because of the special nature of these documents.

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